DT-26 Delair-Tech

The DT26X is the largest UAV in the Delair-Tech fleet yet only tips the scales at 14 kg.
Its range and endurance is unrivaled by any other battery-powered UAV in its class (with up to 4kg payload capacity). With the DT26X you get the ability to both complete the longest of missions and to carry high performance payloads previously only available to manned aircraft.

The larger size of the DT26X UAV accommodates an enhanced payload capacity of up to 4 kg such as state-of-the-art EO/IR gyro stabilized gimbals or LIDARs.

Takeoff is accomplished with the DT-Launcher. The landing is autonomous and done on the UAV’s rugged belly on any surface : dirt, mud, sand or gravel.

DT26-X is the ideal UAV platform: perfect for surveillance or reconnaissance missions or operations that need high value added sensors. The DT26X is delivered with its launcher and its rugged transport case.

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