Professional Accurate & Safety landing Mapper Drone

AXIOM SE RTK Application

- Photogrammetry
- Disaster survey
- Forestry Investigation
- Environment monitoring
- City planning
- Mining Operation Monitoring
- Construction feasibility studies
- Construction progress monitoring
- Situation change detection
- Property rights definition
- Drill & blast data
- Stock pile management

Technical Specification

Hardware Platform

Weight (Inc. supplied camera) Approx. 6.8kg
Dimensions: 750mm (from rotor hub to rotor hub)
Standard payload 209 g
Maximum payload 2kg
Material & Body structure Carbon Fiber Composite, One-time Moulding by high pressure.
Motor Brushless Disk Type Motor with high efficiency
Propeller Carbon Fiber unfoldable propeller
Battery 22.2V, 28800mAh, 6S, based on 18650 type battery, much safer
Carry case dimensions 70 x 70 x 52cm
RTK Base included

Camera Specs

System : Single Camera
Resolution : 18 MP
Sensor : CMOS with the size of 1/2.3″ type
Aperturef/3.5 (W) – 6.4 (T)
Lens : High quality lens with fixed 20mm focus
Aerial photographing mode : Automatically done by programming or Manually done by sending signal through software.
Storage : High speed 8Gb card
Maximum shutter speed 30 – 1/2000 Seconds
Shutter control By flight control signal
Camera power system Powered by UAV, no need for camera's own batteries.
Camera control system Flight control system can monitor camera's status, if it goes to dormant, it can be activated automatically.

Operation Detials

Maximum flight time : 55 minutes with no payload, 35-40 minutes with 5 cameras
Maximum relative flight height : 3000 meters
Typical cruising speed : 30km/h
Navigation system : GPS+INS Optional
Navigation system RTK with high accuracy positioning, only 20cm error range
Communication & control frequency : 900MHz range
Radio link range Up to 5 km
Wind resistance Up to 45 km/h (12m/s or 28 mph)
Rain resistance Medium rain
Work temperature -20-60℃
Take off and Landing type VTOL
Landing accuracy with RTK Approx. deviation range 20cm
Acquisition result 3D Modelling
Safety Assurance Optional
wireless locationing beacon available for choosing

Flight Management System

Control mode Fully Autonomy or By Remote control
Autopilot Yes and can correct and adjust flight path automatically according to the flight plan
Protection mode A Automatically return to home point under control signal lost - Out of range or Remote control turned-off
Protection mode B Automatically return to home point or land under low battery status
Landing mode Fully Autonomy or By Remote control
Exposure control Support exposure by time interval or flight distance, or manually by sending signal through software
Electronic compass Built-in 3 Axis, update in 400Hz
Data integration Pictures along with POS data, packed and stored at the exact same time.
Data transmission speed ≥57600bps

Software System

Automated pre-flight checks : Yes
Automatic take-off, flight, and landing : Yes
UAV status monitoring Real-time monitoring of UAV's position, height, direction, speed and some other key flight parameters Background Electronic Map : Yes
Alarm system : Yes when detecting abnormals regarding the UAV
Playback feature : Yes
Autonomous camera triggering : Yes
Automated fail-safe routines : Yes
Flight planning & control (supplied) Axiom Fly Ground control software system Image processing (Recommended) Smart 3D

AXIOM Overview Video

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