Ebee Ag Sensefly

The precision agriculture drone
The eBee Ag is the only precision farming UAV you need. With its full drone-to-tractor workflow you can scout your crops, analyse plant health, create prescriptions and begin treatment all on the same day.

4 reasons to choose the eBee Ag

Complete solution

The eBee Ag includes eMotion software for flight planning & monitoring, Postflight Terra 3D for transforming the drone’s images into index maps & exportable prescriptions, plus a sturdy carry case.

Easy to use

The eBee Ag is a fully automonous drone. Just select the area you want to map using our eMotion software, throw your drone into the air, and the eBee Ag flies, acquires images and lands itself.


With its four different camera options the eBee Ag suits numerous agricultural applications. Use the NIR camera supplied or add one of our red-edge, RGB or multispectral sensors.


The eBee Ag’s artificial intelligence and robust lightweight construction ensure it will survive numerous flights (and landings), thus safeguarding your investment.

Full drone-to-tractor workflow

The eBee Ag offers a full drone-to-tractor workflow. After flying, use Postflight Terra 3D to generate quick NDVI maps of your crops, identify problem areas, create application maps and export prescriptions, all on the same day. These output prescriptions are fully compatible with leading precision farming software and equipment, plus with the eBee Ag your business data remains confidential — no uploading data to the cloud is required.

Choose your camera

S110 NIR (supplied): acquires image data in the near infrared band, the region where high plant reflectance occurs. Applications: biomass indication, growth monitoring, crop discrimination, leaf area indexing.

S110 RE: acquires data in the red edge band, the region where a plant’s reflectance changes from low to high. Applications: plant stress & drought assessment, chlorophyll indication, senescence analysis.

S110 RGB: acquires regular image data in the visible spectrum. Applications: real colour 2D & 3D visual rendering, chlorophyll indication, drainage evaluation.

multiSPEC 4C: This cutting-edge sensor unit, developed by Airinov’s agronomy specialists, acquires data across four highly precise bands. Applications: biomass indication, leaf area indexing, nitrogen recommendation, phenology and many more.

thermoMAP: With thermoMAP you can literally take your crop’s temperature, capturing thermal video and/or still images to create full thermal maps of your fields. Applications: water distribution management, irrigation checking, alternative method of plant stress analysis.

Create a quick NDVI map

Once your eBee Ag has landed, use its supplied Postflight Terra 3D software to create a geo-accurate NDVI map of your field.

Open this map on any GPS-enabled device to guide your manual crop scouting, walking the field, making observations and possibly collecting samples in order to identify and quantify problem areas.

Process & create prescriptions Fully process your flight’s images back at the office and use Postflight Terra 3D to create a more detailed reflectance map of your crop. Then apply your preferred vegetation index, further analyse your crop’s health, and define amounts to create your custom prescription.

Load this shapefile into your tractor’s console, open it in your preferred farm management information system (FMIS)—on your PC or in the cloud—or email it to your agronomist. The choice is yours.

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