Professional Mapping & Survey UAS
Designed as compact and easy to use.


1. EPO Material

Aircraft body made in one-take by EPO material, very reliable especially when being used frequently.

2. Easy to Use

Throw and Fly against the wind direction automatically. Circling down or Belly landing. Convenient with no risk and less than 5 minutes preparation time.

3. More Endurance

Duration as long as 85 minutes with wingspan less than 1 meter and total weight less than 1 kg!, highly efficient operation.

4. Stabilized Camera

Equipped with 18.2MP high resolution camera with additional stabilization system, making superior picture quality.

5. Autonomous Mission

Radius Fly GCS( Ground Control Station) with user-friendly function and features enables fully autonomous mission planning and execution.

6. Optimum result

Radius can help produce 1:500, 1:1000 and 1:2000 orthophotos with high accuracy.

Radius Drone Application

- Photogrammetry
- Disaster survey
- Forestry Investigation
- Environment monitoring
- City planning
- Mining Operation Monitoring
- Construction feasibility studies
- Construction progress monitoring
- Situation change detection
- Property rights definition
- Drill & blast data
- Stock pile management

Technical Specification

Radius Overview Video

Pricing & Availability
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