Z6 Medium range UAV LiDAR

Z6 is a professional-grade medium range VTOL fixed-wing UAV for professional Survey & Mapping, it has been equipped with medium drone payload up to 2.3 Kilogram, suitable for small range LiDAR payload. it is able to perform Vertical take-off and landing in complicated environments. The cruise speed and flight operation efficiency are superior to other types of UAVs. The GNSS redundancy design and integrated PPK module simply make aerial survey much more efficient and larger range. 

Rigorous calibration has been applied to the aerial photogrammetry camera and  that Z6 carries to eliminate lens distortion problems. As for the GCS Software, it will automatically generate a flight plan for the survey aera, and the aircraft will follow the pre-set flight path to collect aerial image data and high-precision POS data. afterwards, the image inspection system will filter out unqualified images and utilize higly precise differential data and GCPs to correct the calculation results of aerial triangulation, and finally, high-precision DEM, DSM, DOM, TDOM, DLG can be generated.

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